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Startup Girl Daily & Foundation; Lazeé

Startup Girl Daily & Foundation; Lazeé

We are thrilled to share some exciting news: Lazeé has been featured in Startup Girl Daily & Foundation @startupgirldaily! Known for testing and sharing honest reviews of female-founded products, Startup Girl Daily & Foundation is a beacon for highlighting women-led brands. Their dedication to showcasing genuine founder stories and love for great products makes this feature particularly special for us. And guess what? They have no ads – just pure, honest content!

Here's what they had to say: “The candle is very aesthetic and has a French feeling to it. It was not too overpowering and reminded me of the Santal candles. I really loved its minimalistic look and fragrance. I would definitely recommend it!" 

The beautiful pictures were taken by Shoji Van Kuzumi @shojivankuzumi.

Please see our stories and more below that were featured on their Instagram account! I recommend you go and check them out as they have really good recommendations on their Instagram, but also in their newsletter!

Company: Lazeé

Founder: Melissa Cordero

Category: Home

At Lazeé, we believe candle-making is an art form, transforming simple scents into captivating emotions and immersive experiences. Collaborating closely with world-renowned perfumers in Grasse, the birthplace and capital of perfume, we curate the most exquisite fragrances. Our premium wax is a carefully crafted blend of refined ingredients, specifically chosen for their cosmetic properties to ensure that our candles perform to the highest standards. Lazeé provides our clients with the ultimate luxury experience right in their homes.

What inspired you to start Lazeé?

"It all started in my childhood in the Dominican Republic, where my mother had her own candle-making business. I vividly recall her making the most wonderful candles that filled our home with beautiful scents. These memories stuck with me, igniting my passion for candles and sparking the intuition to revive her business idea. Now, more than 25 years later, I am proud to work alongside her, sharing a mission to redefine luxury by making it accessible to all."

How do you pay it forward to support others?

"As a startup, our focus is on nurturing our staff's growth by providing opportunities and knowledge to help them become the best versions of themselves. We have a sincere aspiration to become the best company to work for one day, with a motto: 'You work to live.' Our goal is to ensure our employees have time for their families, can pursue their dreams, travel, and, most importantly, earn enough to do so."

A founder you admire is...

"One founder I deeply admire is @mimiikonn, the co-founder of @intelligentchange. Mimi Ikonn's influence goes beyond just starting a business; it extends to creating products that have a personal and transformative impact that have helped countless individuals cultivate gratitude, mindfulness, and increase productivity. Her journey serves as an inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs, especially women like myself. She reminds me every day that it's possible to create a profound impact on the world through entrepreneurship."

We were also fortunate enough to have Mimi Ikonn herself share the story on her instagram, which has 1 million followers. But what's more important is that we were able to thank her and show gratitude for inspiring us on this journey!

Thank you to Startup Girl Daily & Foundation for taking the time to review our candle and supporting us throughout our journey!

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